Halle Berry is starring alongside Keanu Reeves in the upcoming third installment of John Wick. Halle will be playing Sofia, an old friend of Wick who calls upon him for help as she has run into some trouble with the High Table. The star revealed some surprising facts about her time from set.

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Halle Berry revealed that during the rehearsal she ended up breaking three of her ribs doing a stunt but didn’t even realize it up until five weeks later that some damage had happened. She termed her injury as a badge of honor and also claimed that after she was treated she came out stronger than before.

Still from John Wick 3

“I broke three ribs when I was rehearsing for John Wick.It’s like a badge of honour for me, we don’t know how it happened… I worked for a little while with broken ribs until I could no longer do it.”

The film is majorly action packed film filled with a lot of bloodshed and revenge. The film also stars Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane, Lance Reddick and John Leguizamo , along with new entry Anjelica Huston who will be joining the cast as The Director.

John Wick Chapter 3 : Will John Find Peace?

The film is releasing in cinemas on May 17 in cinemas as will be distributed by HKC Entertainment in Pakistan.


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