Keanu Reeves in and as John Wick

It all started when Losef played by, Game of Thrones famed Alfie Allen, steals John Wick’s car and kills his dog. Losef, who is the son of a mafia head unleashes John Wick’s wrath upon the mafia.

The dog held emotional value for John Wick who was already grieving a tragedy in his life. This incident greatly agitates and angers him. The vicious John Wick takes his vengeance from the mafia. He kills everyone who comes in his way. The character is seeking peace since the previous installments. The character finds temporary solace in his wife’s memories as he watches her old recordings and pictures.

John Wick 3 Beats Avengers Endgame!

The trailer of the third installment shows that John is still in search of his peace. He kills off people however in this installment, the enemy has grown bigger and stronger. I am sure John Wick will now be deadlier than previous parts.

The action packed trailer shows that this time, the bounty on his head is a whooping 14m $ which is double of the bounty which was on him in the second part.

The trailer heightens our excitement and anticipation. It makes us wonder if John will be able to find peace this time? How many more people will he kill? How many more enemies will he make? Along with these throbbing questions, we also want the action of the film to multiply. We also want to see him kill as many people as possible because of how well crafted the action sequences are. The director has left us awestruck with his abilities.

John Wick’s Halle Berry Injured!

John Wick is probably one of those rare American action films where the leading actor does not speak much yet the way the director has created his charming persona and swag, you still fall in love with him. Despite John already killing so many people you still want him to kill more but at the same time you also want him to find peace.

Catch John Wick In Action In IMAX!

Well the Chapter 3 hits the cinemas this May 17 worldwide and it will be interesting to see if John will find peace this time?!

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