Joker’s first teaser dropped earlier today and it is already breaking the internet. Film has been helmed by Hangover famed director Todd Phillips. It stars Joaquin Phoenix as joker alongside Robert De Niro and Deadpool 2 famed Zazie Beetz. Joker releases in cinemas worldwide on 4th October.

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The trailer is two minutes and twenty five seconds long. We are all familiar with Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker in The Dark Knight and his performance still remains as one of the best onscreen performances! It was simply awe-inspiring. Heath portrayed a villainous Joker whereas in this trailer we see a Joker who is still struggling and trying to cope up with life. However we catch a glimpse of his evil persona in his eyes. His eyes also depict sheer determination.

Watch The Trailer Of Joker.

It was definitely going to be tough to fill Heath Ledger ‘s shoes but Joaquin Phoenix seems to have done a good job. He pulls off the character in a convincing manner. With the tagline of “Put On Happy Face”, Joaquin starrer shows us Joker in the making.

It shows us his journey and unfolds Joker’s backstory. The film humanizes the character and shows us how Joker came into being. We see him dancing, crawling and suffering. However he puts on a fake smile and goes on. We also see a hint of pure malice in him which is yet to prevail on his senses.

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Joker’s trailer does not give away too much but it has artfully shown us that this film will be one hell of an emotional ride with impactful dialogues and outstanding performances.

Watch the trailer here:

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