Written by: Ali Moeen

Directed by: Syed Ramish Rizvi

Produced by: Abdullah Seja

With the first episode leaving us with so many questions, we watched the second episode of the newly released drama Jhooti hoping for some answers. The episode largely revolved around the same topic as the first episode, as Nirma does the best she can to acquire more money through the marriage. As Nasir agrees to every of her increasing demands, Nirma begins to wonder how far she can push her gambit with him. So far, the plot revolves around Nirma scamming the people around her and manipulating them in order to get what she wants.

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So far, there hasn’t been anything new that we have seen from the story itself. It’s a pretty clichéd plotline and one that has been done a million times. It is quite disappointing to see that the second episode seemed the same as the first episode, with zero distinction in terms of plot or character. But the trailers did show a new character that provides some much needed excitement in the drama. However, the pace is pretty slow so far so the script definitely leaves much to be desired. The characters don’t have any of the depth to be able to make the audience identify with them; majority are pretty two-dimensional and tropes that have been repeated over and over in other dramas too. 

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Nirma’s character is the only one that seems different but even then, her hopes and aspirations aren’t explored further and we aren’t shown properly why she is the way she is. Pretty lackluster first few episodes, overall.

The only thing that salvages the episode is the acting. No doubt the actors are doing the best they can with what they have, which isn’t much. Iqra Aziz has such a talent for providing multi-faceted characters with depth, and even though Nirma has none of those on paper, the talented actress has done a great job in portraying a negative character.

Ahmed Ali Butt’s character doesn’t have much to differ him from the other characters, but the actor himself has done the best he can and actually made Nasir an enjoyable character to watch. The cast is definitely talented, and the flaws of the script don’t downplay their performances so the actors deserve all the credit for making the drama worth watching.

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Syed Ramish Rizvi, who directed the drama, is another worthwhile aspect of the drama. The camerawork and the cinematography of the episode was well thought out and extremely clean, so in that department as well Jhooti is a stellar drama. It is such a pity that the script is so basic that it undermines what could have been a pretty solid effort by the cast and crew who have clearly worked so hard. However, once again, it is only the first few episodes and we have yet to see how things turn out so maybe it might improve in future episodes. 

Do let us know what your thoughts were on the first episode of Jhooti!

Umaima Munir is a film and theatre nerd who is extremely passionate about well-written scripts. Her love for television stems from days of watching old PTV dramas such as Andhera Ujala.


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