Popular Bollywood personalities are coming to Lahore this November. Renowned Bollywood producer, Rakesh Sabharwal, will be arriving to Lahore to hold a press conference regarding Shan-e-Pakistan international music awards. The awards are scheduled to be held on 22nd march. The awards will be hosted by Yousaf Salahuddin and Karachi’s fashion designer, Huma Nazir. Rakesh Sabhawal has recently released a film namely, “Journey of karma”.

Bollywood’s popular writer Javed Akhtar will be accompanied to Lahore on 15th November, by his wife Shabana Azmi, a well known actress. They have applied for Pakistan’s visa which has not yet been issued however it is expected to be issued in a day or two.

They will be attending the 4th Faiz international festival.The festival is held annually to celebrate the birth anniversary of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Faiz Mela is going to be held on 16th to 18th November. Shabana Azmi is expected to return on 16th November whereas Javed Akhther will return on 18th November.








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