O21 and Moor’s film director Jami came forward with revelation about being raped 13 years ago by a media giant. The admittance came on Sunday as the director opened up in a series of Tweets about his horrid experience. He linked his revelation to the recent case of college professor committing suicide after being wrongly accused of #Metoo. He felt the need to make people understand that majority of the survivors are telling the truth and one wrongful accusation should not be the reason to discredit the movement all together. In his Tweets he revealed:

The director refrained from revealing the identity of his rapist but he admitted that he was a close friend.He was shocked and didn’t react or fought back. Moreover he got no support from his other close friends when he confided in them.He further shared how he coped with the tragedy by seeing a therapist and then leaving the country for some time.Moving on he explained why he was opening up about this now. The revelation was a response to #MeToo movement being discredited after the recent case of suicide of college professor.

Well aware of the consequences of his admission, he made a public appeal that although the system is failing the victims, they should be supported and we should stand with them.

Soon after his revelation, it was noticed by media outlets and the matter was given full coverage. However few hours later the director tweeted that coverage has been stopped.

Jami’s revelation has shocked the whole media industry and we foresee that there might be more people speaking up against that media giant in coming days.


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