Do Bol

The previous episode showed Geeti developing a soft corner for Badar as he gets beaten up. She feels sorry for him and we see a ray of hope. This continues with the upcoming episode promo, when she stands up for her husband in front of her cousin and aunt. This shows that Geeti has started to care for Badar as her husband.

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However our happiness is short lived as the next scene changes the dynamic of everything we had been assuming up until now. Just when we thought that there is hope for Geeti and Badar for working out their problems and getting past the animosity, we have get bad news.

While it is no secret that Geeti has been looking for her mother, in fact her solution to getting out of her marriage with Zafar was to find Jahanara and use her support to negate it. After her marriage with Badar they both attempt to contact her. However she is not in the country and they are left disappointed.

Looks like Jahanara got her message and she will come looking for Geeti. Being rich, she would never accept her living in such poor circumstances, so she will take her along with her to live in here house leaving Badar behind.

This is certainly bad news for Badar as this puts a damper on his chance to make things work with her. It is a bit strange that Geeti will agree to go with her, but then again she had been wanting to get to know her mother for a very long time.

It is only expected that her mother will try to build a rift between Badar and Geeti as she disapproves of his financial status. She will think that Geeti deserves all the luxuries that she as her mother can provide. We see Badar demanding her to see Geeti, lets see what happens next.

Does Badar Really Deserve To Be With Geeti In Do Bol?

Will Geeti take a stand for Badar once again ? Or will she be convinced by her mother and leave Badar? This is an interesting turn of events. We are hoping that things work out.


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