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The latest episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb remained engaging and eventful. The previous episode had ended on a very intense note and what followed has us worried for Gohar. One thing that is heartening is the change in approach that the narrative takes when it comes to parents trusting children. While the truth about Gohar’s occupation has left her imprisoned  at home by her brother, her parents are understanding and supportive. Normally we see parents believing others over their own children in such matters and turning their backs on the child they have raised and known for years. The drama keeps the story practical and mature.

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The previous episode had also left Donia’s fate hanging as well, however this episode served us a very satisfying scene where Kashif bashes Donia and quits his job. The way he confronts her was Sami Khan at his finest up until now in the drama. This speech was much needed for Donia as well.

Zarnish’s depiction of a head strong yet stubborn Donia is very convincing we look forward to seeing her in every episode. That exchange was the best scene of the entire episode. Once again it was good to see some change in approach where an employee stood up for the sake of his self esteem despite being burdened by responsibilities.

There were also some flashbacks which left us rooting for Kashif and Gohar. We were also further familiarized with Sameer’s split personality disorder and it shed light on some unanswered questions.The episode once again revolved around all the main leads keeping a balanced narrative.

We were left worried about Kashif but somethings tells us that his speech will straighten up Donia. Gohar is a warrior who will hopefully be rid of Jehangir’s toxic masculinity soon, however where she is headed will also be something more challenging .

The drama has maintained a level of mystery around its characters and now that mystery has turned us into speculating the future of it characters. Over all a very well written script that has been brilliantly executed by the director and star cast. Ishq Zahe Naseeb is undoubtedly a great watch and I look forward to seeing what is next coming Friday.

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