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Ishq Zahe Naseeb is slowly and gradually unraveling the mysteries and secrets that reside within the characters of the drama and we are loving it! Every episode ends with us wanting to see more from it. The emotions, intensity, the suspense and the tension between characters is what makes Ishq Zahe Naseeb all the more engaging and entertaining.

The latest episode took a bombastic start with Gohar taking a stand for herself in front of Sameer after his disrespectful behavior towards her. Sameer though is embarrassed for his action. The incident leaves Gohar shaken and deeply disturbed. The entire sequence was brilliantly executed and leaves an impact.We got to see an insight on the back story of Sameer, as we are taken back into his disturbing childhood and we get to see how Shakira influences him.

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The episode also gave insights about the painful past of Donia . Zarnish gave an impactful performance in that scene. The scene also gave us a better understanding of her bitterness, which is a result of betrayal. Her father sheds some light on her backstory to Kashif. This has allowed the audience to sympathize with Donia as well as see the other side of her personality .

The episode ended once again leaving a lot of things unsaid, but a lot was also revealed in this one. The episode majorly focused on Gohar, Sameer and Donia. It seems that Gohar’s intrigue about Sameer will get her in trouble. Sonya Hussyn and Zarnish stood out the most in this episode in their respective characters.

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The drama excels in the performances of all actors, their expressions and body language are amazing. The story of the drama itself is also well knitted and the balance created in every episode in terms of screen space of characters is great. The pace at which the drama’s narrative is progressing is commendable. The drama has managed to maintain a sense of intrigue and every episode leaves us fascinated. The dialogues and relationship between characters is very engaging as well.

While the actors surely deserve an applause, the writer and director have also ensured that the drama is thoroughly enjoyed.

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