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Ishq Zahe Naseeb maintains the senses of mystery even after six episodes. The way the story is unfolding it keeps our interest piqued. Sameer’s life and his house is full of secrets and the spookiness around the house is chilling at times. Gohar is getting a hang of things around the house yet she has so many questions that keep her intrigued. Considering the head strong girl she is she takes charge of certain matters that actually land her in trouble.

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It is good that the lively chirpy girl we were introduced to in the start of the drama still resides in Gohar after her heartbreaking decision about Kashif. We get to witness her time and again when she has to deal with her good for nothing fiance Jahangir. Such exchange keep the drama light and entertaining.

Kashif’s positivity and resilience seems to be agreeing with Donia who is liking his ideas. Zarnish is doing a great job maintaining the persona of a strong willed woman in a wheel chair. She is so natural in her avatar and she comes off as very convincing. We do wish we get to see more of Yumna Zaidi, however considering the nature of her character it understandable that her presence will remain scarce throughout the drama.

Zahid’s scenes are always intense and they draw us in. He without doubt leaves us in awe be it as Sameer or Sameera. All the characters are included in every episode and that is what keeps the drama crisp and the narrative balanced. The credit goes to the direct for maintaining quality and good pace of every episode.

The way the characters have to connected is also interesting. The dialogues in this episode were simple, yet they served their purpose well. Hashim Nadeem’s narrative allows us to relate to the characters well enough and the actors are doing justice to their roles.

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Ishq Zahe Naseeb without doubt is a drama telling a very different story which imbues us in its mystique, twists and turns and keeps us wanting more. We look forward to seeing what the drama hold for us in the future.

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