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The 18th episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb aired on Hum TV last night and we are still full of excitement and anticipation. Ishq Zahe Naseeb has entangled us in its web from the very start, and this episode kept our interests alive.

Not only does Ishq Zahe Naseeb has the right amount of romance, but it’s also sprinkled with the perfect amount of intrigue to keep the viewers glued to their screens. We form connections with the middle-class Guahar trying to support her family all the while being under the scrutiny of her brother, with Kashif trying to move on with his life full of guilt, and Donya trying to get back on her feet and falling in love with the guy whose honesty she is impressed by.

But it’s the character of Sameer that interests us more. We grab up every bit of information regarding his mysterious past and how that has caused him to suffer from Split Personality Disorder. A business tycoon by the day, the traumas of his past catch up with every night, leaving him in a distressed frame of mind.

This episode focused on Gauhar’s life: her family, her love life and the problems created by Sabiha in her professional life as well. Sonya Hussyn plays each of these sides of her character perfectly and we have to applaud the versatility her character possesses.

Sonya Hussyn is definitely stealing the show with her strong expressions and perfect dialogue delivery. The most emotional scene of the episode was the one where Gauhar goes to buy an engagement gift for Kashif & Donya on the behest of her boss and sees the very same necklace she had one day aspired to buy alongside Kashif. The plans we make and the plans that fate has in store for us!

The bond between Gauhar and Bushra (Jinaan Hussain) is something that all sisters could relate to. The perfect depiction of the love Bushra has for her sister and the sacrifices she makes for her sister is something that we can all relate to when it comes to family.

Sameer’s (Zahid Ahmed) interest in Gauhar has started to show and Sabiha (Ismat Zaidi) is having none of it. The scene between her and Gauhar in the office was one of the most interesting ones in this episode as it would have far-reaching impacts on the lives of Gauhar, Sameer & Sabiha herself.

Although Sami Khan and Zarnish Khan didn’t get much screen time in this episode, there is definitive development in the story of their characters which leaves are agitated about what the future holds for them. Finally, Jehangir’s past has caught up with him and he is behind the bars. It’s good to see our justice system working for once and seeing the culprit behind bars.

We have to applaud the writing of Hashim Nadeem as he has done a great job with Ishq Zahe Naseeb. This serial has so many layers of intrigue, mystery, and romance, that even after 18 episodes we have no idea how it will unfold. We rarely see split personality disorder is explored in Pakistani serials, and this is indeed a great initiative by Farooq Rind. Hats off to the director for dealing with such a complex subject amazingly.

The pace of this serial has been pretty moderate so far, but the serial doesn’t seem to drag on and every scene of tonight’s episode had us glued to our screens. Normally, we find that serials reveal most of the information in the first couple of episodes and the remaining time is spent on dragging the storyline. However, we are definitely happy with the pacing of this serial.

The mystery around Surriya Begum has started to unfold and you’d have to watch the episode to know what development has taken place here, but it suffices to say we were very surprised with this plot twist indeed.

The episode ends on a dark note with Sameera (Yumna Zaidi) coming out in the dark of night to haunt the confines of Sameer’s mind.

Let’s see what the upcoming episodes bring. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!


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