The 17th episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb directed by Farooq Rind aired on Hum TV tonight and it was a well-executed one. Ishq Zahe e Naseeb is a drama with a little bit of everything in it. From family politics to heartbreak & strength, we find a lot of flavors in this serial. The unique plot of Ishq Zahe Naseeb plus the dedicated hard work put in by the directors & cast has given us brilliant drama. The subject of split personality is extremely complex and so far, it has been handled pretty well in the episodes. Hats off to the director for dealing with such a complex subject amazingly.

The personal life of the characters has started to have an impact on their professional lives. Sameer has no idea who Kashif is when they get together for a business meeting, & we are awaiting eagerly how this unfolds. This episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb was brilliantly done. We got to see Sonya Hussyn (Gauhar) as a strong-willed character, who would do whatever it takes to help her family.

The scene where Gauhar sees Kashif was full of emotions. Though she leaves the office when she figures out he works there & is about to be married to Donia, Sami Khan figures out she was there & is at crossroads. You never forget the person you love and the same is the case with Kashif. Sami Khan’s performance showed what a seasoned actor he is. The feelings that he still has for Gauhar could be seen when he came across her name on the interviewee list. The scene was spectacularly shot and we could feel the pain & indecisiveness he was so clearly in. 

The script needs to be appreciated, especially the dialogue exchange between Donia (Zarnish Khan) & Kashif (Sami Khan) resonated with anyone who has ever been in love & fears losing their loved ones. What we love about this episode is the way feelings & emotions are conveyed between people via subtle looks and change of facial features, rather than mere words. Hashim Nadeem has done a great job in writing such an interesting script.

The direction by Farooq Rind really stands out where the pace of the serial is concerned. The way the pacing has been managed around the non-conventional topic of split-personality is indeed praise worthy. This episode and the previous episodes don’t seem dragged out at all, and all the scenes are in perfect sync with each other.  

The best performance today was no doubt by Zahid Ahmed, with us loving his sophisticated demeanor & great expressions. The way he handles the issue of his step-mother firing Gauhar, and the way he finally speaks up, raising the curtain of hypocrisy painted by her, needs to be applauded. Seeing Ismat Zaidi in the role of a conniving, rigid & authoritative character is nice for once. The performances by all the actors were spellbinding.

The way things are shaping up in Gauhar’s present does have us a bit worried about her future. We hope that things get better for her instead of worse, now that Sameer has taken up a stand for her, going against his step-mother.

We like the air of mystery & mystique in this serial. And with Gauhar meeting Surraiya Begum (Sameer’s biological mother), things are going to get more mysterious in the upcoming episodes. The subtle hints at the darkness inside Sameer add more to the aura of mystery in this episode as well.

Let’s see what the upcoming episodes bring. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!


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