Ishq Zahe Naseeb

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Haunting past, making amends and budding romance were the central themes of the last night’s episode. Sonya Hussyn starrer took an intense start, but fortunately things took a turn for the better.

With 14 episodes in, Ishq Zahe Naseeb is digging deeper into narrative and its characters. While the past is coming back to haunt them, there is also budding romance. The latest episode has further indicated where the characters are headed. Their lives are undergoing change and while for some it is positive, for the others it is worrisome.

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Sonya Hussyn as Gohar

The episode was very happening and kept us engaged through out. The scenes weren’t dragged and didn’t bore us even for a second. The pace at which the story is unfolding and the sequence in which the events are happening is what makes Ishq Zahe Naseeb one of its kind. The director and writer have certainly ensured effective story telling up until now and we can hope that this remains consistent throughout.

Donia’s (Zarnish Khan) transition and change in attitude is heartening where as Kashif (Sami Khan) remains ever so humble. The drama has a nice variety of characters to offer . Shakira intrigues us and Sameer scares us. Kashif is a lovable guy with whom you sympathize and hope things work out well. Donia and Gohar are inspiring in their own way.

Yumna Zaidi and Zahid Ahmed

While the characterization is impressive, all the actors have translated them exceptionally on screen as well. Zahid manages to keep us going back and forth about our stance on Sameer and keeps us intrigued . Sonya Hussyn has carried Gohar’s changing circumstances with grace. Sami Khan is very natural in his avatar. Yumna’s presence in the drama is extremely limited yet her expressions, body language and performance makes her presence significant.

Even the supporting cast has performed very well. Jehangir’s mother’s fake out in this episode was very entertaining to watch and Gohar’s father’s performance was plausible.

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The relationship between Sameer and Shakira(i.e. his split) has a certain pull to it. Sameer split personality disorder is not within his control which makes him dangerous. We can’t help but wonder whether to sympathize with him or take him as the monster he is. Especially after this episode it is very clear that Gohar is treading on a dangerous path. One question that arises is whether Sameer aims for redemption or will history repeat itself?


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