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What I love about Ishq Zahe Naseeb is the variety that the drama has to offer in terms of its characters. All characters are different and all have so much to offer. There isn’t just one character that can be picked as favorite, they all stun us with their traits.

Writer Of Ishq Zahe Naseeb Reveals The Philosophy Behind Zahid’s Character

The drama is just 5 episodes old but it has managed to create such an impact. All the characters are given even exposure in every episode and the director has done a great job taking the story forward of them all simultaneously. Hashim Nadeem has written a story that sparks intrigue, makes us laugh at Gohar’s mischief and feel sad for the heartbreak in Kashif and Gohar’s life.

The episode was important as it shed light on Yumna’s character who before this was posing as a fragment of Sameer’s imagination. Yumna plays Shakira who was a maid when Sameer was a child. She intimidated him about the outside world and filled his innocent brain with troubling thoughts.This is how Sameer got influenced and created his split.Yumna has outdone herself in the scene.

Exclusive: Yumna Zaidi is playing an enchantress in Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Zarnish continues to impress as an authoritative and independent boss who doesn’t trust anyone. She is giving Kashif a hard time who has just begun his new job whilst being heartbroken about Gohar. Both Gohar and Kashif are seen reminiscing in their memories and their pain is evident from their expression.

The entire episode was well paced and happening ,the sets used for the drama are apt depiction of the demographics of the characters. The grandeur of Zahid’s house leaves us in awe yet at the same time it holds a sense of spookiness and intrigue. Gohar’s house has an old rustic feel where as Donia’s office maintains a level of class that come with a woman in her position.

With Gohar stepping into danger by accepting the governess job, Kashif putting on a brave face in front of his colleagues and family, what does the future hold for these two is something to look forward to. Sameer’s mysterious aura scares us but also makes us curious and Jahangir’s desperation is a annoyance however the way Gohar is dealing with him is amazing. It is also the only way we get to see her lively side now. Donia seems like someone who doesn’t let anyone in and how will that change is something I am interested in finding out. The story remains crisp and intriguing, establishing Ishq Zahe Naseeb as a must watch!


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