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The fourth episode took the story forward by showing the aftermath of Gohar and Kashif’s parting. Their loss is reflected very well by Sami Khan. He is the perfect depiction of a man stuck between love and family responsibilities.

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Gohar is also dwelling in sweet memories of Kashif. The sacrifice that she has given for her sister and family is truly heartbreaking and one that is tearing her apart on the inside.

While Bushra’s wedding goes forward without incident, Gohar is stuck in an unwanted engagement with her cousin Jahangir. The two sisters have been shown to have a very strong bond, which compels Gohar to take such a big step. The share a great chemistry as well. There are scene where they just look at each other and their expression speak for themselves. Bushra can feel her sister’s pain and it is apparent that she is not happy about it.

One thing that was strange in the episode was how Bushra’s husband was not accompanied by any of his family members, the same family that had asked Bushra to leave her job. While the drama ensures attention to detail, this episode failed to deliver one major detail and it didn’t go unnoticed.

This episode also introduced the last lead actor of the drama i.e. Zarnish Khan.She is a cold frustrated business woman on a wheelchair who mistakes Kashif for someone else and lashes out on him. Their exchange is very harsh and it has us worried for Kashif. Zarnish is very impressive in the avatar and makes her presence felt in the episode. We look forward to seeing how their relationship will turn into love.

Zahid’s character’s mystery is unfolding little by little and this episode confirmed what we had feared. Sameer is so far in his psychological disorder that he kills his fiance when she barges into his room at night and he is in his split version. With Gohar entering his life as his step-mother’s governess her life can be in danger as well. Lets see how things unfold.

The entire episode had very basic dialogues but they had a human element that allowed the audience to connect with the characters more.They further established the character traits of every characters. Sameer’s reaction to his secretary bringing up issues of lower level employees indicated the his egoistical attitude. Where as Donia (Zarnish Khan) is a true business woman who doesn’t let in any emotional hook when it comes to her employees.

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The best scene of the episode was where Sameer is finally seen in his delusional state. The scene was both indulging and scary. The best performer of the episode is a tie between Zarnish and Zahid. Both had limited screen presence yet their scenes left an impact a we look forward to seeing more from them.

The drama has laid basis for an interesting story revolving around the lives of the characters and what lies ahead of the heartbreak, deception and conspiracies.


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