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“Ishq Tamasha” is a HUM TV serial written by Misbah Nausheen and directed by Danish Nawaz. It stars Junaid Khan, Faizan Khawaja, Aiman Khan and Kinza Hashmi in the lead roles.

Rushna (Kinza Hashmi) is finally taken to the hospital but unfortunately, near the time of her death. Despite getting to know that she is hospitalized, her mother, Akeela (Saba Faisal) refuses to come, thinking that it is another one of Rushna’s pranks. The death finally takes place, to the shock of all those viewers who would enjoy her follies, but an idea of happiness and comfort gets associated with it when Arham’s (Faizan Khawaja) ghost arrives as a symbol of Rushna’s forgiveness and a peaceful life in the hereafter. It comes as an extremely painful news to Akeela, received by Palwisha (Alizey Shah) who starts shrieking. The same news when is received by Mehrab (Junaid Khan), reaches Mirha (Arman Khan) who visit Akeela together where Akeela demands forgiveness from Mirha and also decides that her remaining daughter, Palwisha be wed according to her own choice. In the end, a reconciliation between Mirha and Mehrab takes place and both get engaged, with no sign of Wahaaj (Furqan Khan) anywhere.

The disappearance of Wahaaj did come as a surprise and many might have thought about the love that once existed between Mirha and Wahaaj, no sign of which was shown in this episode. But the lesson to be learnt from this is that Wahaaj never trusted Mirha and always believed the lies of his mother regarding her character, resulting in the complete destruction of their once beautiful relationship.

Some scenes of the episode were extremely beautiful as far as their ideas and direction were concerned. One was the scene of Rushna’s death in which she was lying in her death bed while scenes from her once happy and jolly life were being shown. The other scene was the one in which Mirha was recalling all the pranks Rushna would commit along with her. The third best scene was of Arham’s arrival, envisioned by Rushna in the face of Mehrab. Arham holds Rushna’s hand as a token of her forgiveness.

An over-view of the whole episode shows how with Rushna’s death, Mehrab’s revenge takes place but at the same time, Arham’s forgiveness makes us sympathize with Rushna. Her death also brings about a realization in the heart of Akeela who mends her ways, but considering that she has been too harsh, her son’s ignorance acts as a punishment which will keep haunting her. The same death also results in the patch-up of Mehrab and Mirha, thus making the death a pivot around which the complete episode revolved.

It was an episode that made us quite emotional, with some scenes literally having the power to make us cry. Such were the dialogues, such was the acting and such was the direction.


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