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“Ishq Tamasha” is a HUM TV serial written by Misbah Naureen and directed by Danish Nawaz. It stars Junaid Khan, Kinza Hashmi, Aiman Khan in the lead roles while Saba Faisal, Furqan Qureshi and Faizan Khawaja are appearing in pivotal roles.

What Happened in the Latest Episode?

Episode 26 of “Ishq Tamasha” started on a strong note. With the disclosure of the fact before Wahaaj (Furqan Qureshi) that Akeela (Saba Faisal) willingly threw Mirah (Aiman Khan) out of the house, the episode grasped the viewers’ attention in the very initial scenes. The revelation disappoints Wahaaj and results in his abandonment of the house in order to search for Mirha on the streets. Fortunately, he does find her outside a shop, follows her to her hostel and succeeds in extracting her number out of her room-mate. What follows next was a very important aspect of the episode, for we see a complete, uncompromising change in Mirha’s personality. On calling Mirha and asking her for forgiveness, Wahaaj comes across a resilient Mirha who is not ready to be a verbally abused woman anymore. She insists on not coming back into Wahaaj’s life owing to his lack of courage to defend her in times of difficulties and also due to his doubts about Mirha’s personality which do not take more than a minute to engender. Completely disappointed, Wahaaj decides to leave the city and go back to Dubai. As always, Akeela keeps her ego above everything and does not stop Wahaaj from leaving, resulting in another family member leaving the house. The other important scene of the episode was the one in which Rushna (Kinza Hashmi) is locked up in her room and during those moments in which she is completely alone, her disagreeable actions and people’s bitter yet justified reactions hit her mind and result in a severe headache. The episode marked the gradual failing of Rushna’s health owing to the backfiring of her follies.

Messages in the Episode:

This episode of “Ishq Tamasha” had three lessons to give. One is that receiving pains and abuses constantly turns people from soft-hearted beings into uncompromising personalities. Long years of verbal abuse have turned Mirha into a person who will not compromise on her self-respect anymore. The loss of love faced by Wahaaj tells that mistrust can damage even the strongest of relations. The fact that a third person from the family has abandoned the house owing to Akeela’s narcissism brings us to realize that selfishness and egoism can gradually result in complete destruction of families and in loneliness.

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What to Look Forward to?

While Rushna’s deteriorating health keeps us curious regarding her future, the last scene in which Akeela bursts into tears makes us feel as if there is something we still do not know about Akeela. The next episode might acquaint us with the apparently selfish mother’s side of the story.


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