Critic Rating

Writer: Dilshad Naseem

Director: Amir Yousaf

Producer: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry


This week’s episode of Ishq Mein Kaafir was an interesting watch for me. With a few unexpected surprises the drama provided the right dose of entertainment. Read on to find out what happened.

In an astonishing turn of events, Urooj (Sadia Faisal) is ecstatic when her mother-in-law Aqeela calls her. She also gets to talk to her husband Sarmad who assures her that her visa will be arriving soon. On hearing this news her mother Saleema’s happiness knows no bounds. She starts preparing for Urooj’s departure while crediting Jehan Ara for this positive development.



Saleema (Saba Faisal) and her daughters leave no chance of rubbing salt on Raza’s wounds, who can’t get over Maryam, his phupho’s daughter. They make him jealous whenever they get the chance to whether by showing Maryam’s engagement pictures to him or by telling stories of his phupho’s happiness on Maryam’s bethrothal when in reality all of this is not true.  The bitterness in the aunt-niece/nephew relation, which is common in our society, has been effectively shown. The reflection of the views of Saleema regarding her sister in-law can be seen clearly in her children especially daughters’ behavior towards their phupho.

The chance of any reconciliation between Fahd (Goher Mumtaz) and Dua finally ends when the latter’s mother informs Fahd’s parents that there isn’t any chance of their children getting married because of Fahd’s behavior. Everyone from Fahd’s parents to his sister is unhappy with this whole situation.



Ujala (Saboor Aly) and Fahd’s bond gets stronger with each passing day. He regularly drops her home. During one such casual drive Ujala suddenly proposes to Fahd. Not only he, but I was also left quite shocked. It was a classical example of how-to-propose-to-someone-without-being-sure-if-they-feel-the-same-way-about-you-or-not? But I feel Ujala is so confident about the efficacy of her chillas that she was sure that he won’t refuse. She constantly attributes the fulfilling of all her wishes to her amals. It looks like she will soon join the ranks of Jehan Ara, the magician since she is always shown assuring her sister and mother that she will do this amal and that chilla and make all their wishes come true.

In Ujala’s household, his father is shown to be the most sane and realistic person. He is doubtful of Urooj’s in-laws weird attitudes. Also, the poor man is oblivious to Ujala’s involvement in the dark arts. On the other hand, despite being aware of everything, his wife is allowing their daughter to dig her own grave and making no serious efforts to stop her.  Saba Faisal is a seasoned actor and is portraying her role of a desperate mother and a wicked sister in- law with aplomb.

Will Ujala finally get Fahd? How will Urooj be treated by her in-laws in a foreign land? To find out watch the next episode of Ishq Mein Kafir next Monday on A Plus!


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