Critic Rating

Writer: Dilshad Naseem

Director: Amir Yousaf

Producer: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry


Episode 15 started with Urooj’s father getting insulted by his son-in- law, Sarmad when he calls him to inquire about his health. The poor man is left shocked at this kind of unexpected response. When he confronts Urooj (Sadia Faisal) about this whole situation she’s left speechless. When her mother probes further into the matter she accepts that Sarmad didn’t behave well with her after their marriage and remained aloof. As if performing black magic for herself wasn’t terrible enough, Ujala is requested by her sister to do some taweez for her as well so she could find some marital bliss. From the looks of it a new magician is in the making in their family in the form of Ujala.



Ujala’s (Saboor Aly) wish is granted to her when the love of her life Fahad (Goher Mumtaz) suddenly visits her place. Fahad is apologetic as he had behaved rudely with her in front of everyone at the university. In sheer joy she calls her magician guru to inform her of this astonishing development who in turn advises her to continue her amals. While performing chillas at home, when she is disturbed by her mother, Ujala warns her that doing so again will not be good for her. The darkness of black magic has captured Ujala’s soul. The wide-eyed maniac look she gives while constantly attributing all her love life successes to chillas is soul cringing. The set up of the whole scene where Ujala was shown performing amal was well executed with all the smoke and ashes.



Fahad is finally under Ujala’s spell. He can’t stop thinking about her and finds himself attracted towards her. Ujala’s continuous acknowledgement of her love for him has left him awestruck. On the other hand, his now ex-fiancé Dua is disheartened after seeing Fahad and Ujala together.

Saleema (Saba Faisal) and Urooj pay another visit to the magician to resolve the problems of Urooj’s marital life. Jehan Ara adds fuel to the fire when she blames Saleema’s sister-in-law Zara, who she isn’t at good terms with, for all the unfortunate events in Urooj’s life. Now the innocent phuppho and her daughter Maryam are on the mother-daughter’s radar. Saleema is not learning from her past mistakes of getting involved with the dark arts. In spite of seeing Ujala’s passionate involvement in magic, and Urooj unable to find any happiness in her marriage, she continues to pursue it.

A thing worth mentioning, are the beautifully written dialogues. They capture the whole essence of Ujala’s incessant love for Fahad and her toxic belief in the powers of black magic. Also, the melodious qawali soundtrack adds a certain feel to the drama and aptly describes Ujala’s condition. How far will Ujala go down the immoral path of magic to get Fahad? When will Saleema learn from her mistakes? Tune in to A Plus next Monday to find out!


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