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Writer: Dilshad Naseem

Director: Amir Yousaf

Producer: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry


Monday brought with it another episode of Ishq Mein Kafir. Starring Saboor Aly and Goher Mumtaz in the lead roles, this drama deals with black magic – a common menace in our society.

In this week’sepisode, Urooj’s (Sadia Faisal) miseries continue. She constantly tries to contact her husband but is unable to get any response from him. On the flip side her mother, Saleema’s (Saba Faisal) wish is granted to her when she receives the mithai for Maryam’s engagement to someone else. She goes to Jehan Ara with this happy news. But at the same time she is also worried about Urooj’s marriage. Jehan Ara comforts her that all will go well and that Saleema must have faith in her abilities when she has decided to trust her.

For the time being it may look like that Saleema has won this game since she didn’t want Maryam as her bahu. But the future doesn’t look very bright for his son. The news of Maryam’s engagement doesn’t go down well with Raza and he is devastated.

According to the popular belief education broadens your horizon but this myth has rightly been shunned by this drama. Aspiring to be a doctor, Ujala still resorts to black magic to fulfill her wishes. Her escapades at night to perform chilla continue. Urooj is extremely concerned about her sister’s maniac behavior and confronts her. But Ujala blindly follows what Jehan Ara tells her to do. The passion to get Fahad can be seen in Ujala’s eyes. It’s like she is in a trance and her ability to comprehend has totally ceased. All she can see is Fahd. With her every new performance, Saboor Aly is evolving as an actor and Ishq Mein Kaafir is no different.



It looks like that Ujala’s dreadful deeds to win over Fahad (Goher Mumtaz) are starting to pay off since he is shown contemplating both Ujala’s and Dua’s behavior towards him. Despite his constant efforts, Dua fails to understand him and pays no heed to all his explanations therefore he decides to contact Ujala. A very quick change of heart on Fahad’s part I must say. But its black magic we are dealing with after all. Finally Fahad is shown in some ‘action’ since after the first few episodes; his character didn’t have much to offer except hanging around with his faithful stethoscope(*winks*).



The class difference between Ujala and Fahad’s families is well portrayed through their household set ups. But what irks me is that not a single hair of Ujala’s is out of place even when she is performing chillas and amals. She along with her whole family is dressed to the nines which is a rare sight to behold in normal middle class families.

Also the scenes where Ujala convincingly tells her sister that whenever their mother wants something done she asks Jehan Ara and gets it done and, also when Urooj is worried about her visa, Ujala tells her that she shouldn’t be worried as they have ‘powers’ which nobody has, are worth mentioning. It shows how fragile our faith is at times. How we place our faith in evil instead of our Creator? How easily we are ready to give up our religious beliefs for worldly gains?

Will it be a win-lose situation for Saleema? Will Ujala finally get the love of her life? To know this tune in to the next episode of Ishq Mein Kaafir on A Plus Entertainment.




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