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Writer: Dilshad Naseem

Director: Amir Yousaf

Producer: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry


In this week’s episode of Ishq Mein Kafir, we are shown the consequences of using wrong means to fulfill ones wishes. It is quite a common practice in our society to surrender to the dark arts in order to get things done by hook or crook. This drama does a great job in tackling the issue of black magic. Saboor Ali as the maniac lover Ujala, makes us want to hate and sympathize with her at the same time.


Saboor Ali as Ujala


Ujala (Saboor Ali) sinks deeper into the world of black magic. Her madness for Fahd (Goher Mumtaz) is increasing day by day. Despite being rebuked by her mother (Saba Faisal), she continues to visit and perform further chillas with Jahan Ara the magician. It is sad to see that a girl pursuing to be a doctor has gotten herself involved in this dirty work. She is totally helpless because of her unrequited love for Fahd who is not interested in her at all.


Saboor Ali and Gohar Mumtaz as Ujala and Fahad


On the other hand Fahd’s life is also is in turmoil as her fiancé Dua is totally ignoring him and is unwilling to reconcile after breaking their engagement in the previous episode. Is this the result of Ujala’s amals?

The newly married Urooj (Sadia Faisal) is constantly being fooled by her mother-in-law who texts with her as her son. But this false happiness of Urooj’s is short lived as her mother-in-law announces that she is also leaving for London to visit her son and her bahu.

This drama is the perfect example of as you sow so shall you reap. Ujala’s mother used to visit  Jahan Ara to get her work done through chillas and taweez. But now there is no peace in her life. Her elder daughter Urooj’s (Sadia Faisal) married life is in a fix, her husband, and son are angry with her because of her attitude towards the former’s sister, and her younger daughter is hard at work mastering the dark arts. Instead of putting your faith in Allah if one uses immoral methods to achieve their hearts’ desires, no good ever comes from that. We should wholly and solely believe in Allah. If someone or something is written in our destiny it will come to us no matter what.


Saboor Ali and Sadia Faisal


How far down the evil road of magic will Ujala’s mad love for Fahd will take her to? For this we will have to wait and watch for next week’s episode of Ishq Mein Kaafir.


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