Critic Rating

Directed by:
Amir Yousaf

Written by: Dilshad Naseem (Under Umaira Ahmed’s Supervision)

Produced by: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry

The episode starts when Fahad (Gohar Mumtaz) denies of engagement rumors to Ujala (Suboor Ali).

He talks the same way to Ujoola as well as Dua. This one is bothering the viewers. He also lied to Dua about Ujoola inquired about engagement.

Sameer (Mohsin Gillani) shows Sarmad’s pictures of other girls abroad. Sameer asks Urooj to sign divorce paper but she rejects.

From abroad even, Fahad calls Ujala regularly and talks about love and all such material. Urooj tries to commit suicide but Ujala stops her.

Saba Faisal’s acting as the villain in drama serial is really good one. She is looking fresh day by day due to her makeover all time.

Ujala and Dua argue again about Fahad and Ujala shows call log list to her so that she can believe he calls her daily.

Another influential scene of the black magician. The look, makeup, and costume for the scene was worth watching.

Sameer agrees to marry Urooj with Sarmad. They fix the date with Sarmad’s family. Dua gets angry to Fahad on talking to Ujala.

Fahad blocks Ujala. Dua talks to Fahad’s family that she doesn’t want to marry Fahad. His family inquires Fahad about Ujala and he tells about blocking her.

Fahad’s sister (Mahnoor) tells Dua about her conversation with Fahad. Mahnoor tells everything about Dua and Fahad. Ujalal denies such rumors but then Mahnoor calls Fahad and asks about the difference between Ujala and Dua where he clarifies that Ujala is nowhere in his life. This was a powerful scene but when students gather and start appraising about the scenario, it got childish. Mahnoor’s acting as Fahad’s sister remained more than required with expressions and gestures not suitable to a normal character.

In the coming episodes, Ujala’s mother will take her to the black magician and Fahad’s focus will be changed.



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