Critic Rating

Amir Yousaf

Writer: Dilshad Naseem

Screenplay: Umera Ahmed

Producers: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry

Aqeela calls Urooj’s mother telling not to believe any rumor. Ujala (Saboor Ali) asks Fahad (Gohar Mumtaz) the reason for not coming.

Seriously? This scene took something like what! Ujala continuously tells Fahad that she is missing him and a child even can understand that it’s not a simple “missing”. There she also tells him about Dua’s engagement and he unknowingly asks with whom? In the reply of she tells with someone she liked. Now one thing really felt here is that Dua is Fahad’s childhood best friend too and he knows Ujala is talking negatively about her, instead of asking her to not talk about her this way, he tells about him going abroad next day. This scene remained a complete flop. Why? Because when the call ends, Fahad acts so overreacting to some comedy scene of any film. It must be known that this drama is not just a social media play but an APlus drama which gives mostly the best back to back.

Urooj tells her father that she doesn’t want to take divorce from Sarmad though he divorced another woman before too. Fahad is talking to Ujala even from England and smiling.

A scene in this episode is very attractive when Ujala’s mother visits a black magician. That woman is shown extremely strong with a wicked look required for the scene. Thumbs up to the director for this one!

Sarmad’s mother visits Urooj and informs that his son’s flight got delayed. However, on the other side, Sami (Mohsin Gillani) has talked to a woman who lives in the neighborhood of Sarmad and knows that he is not suitable for Urooj.

Dua taunts Ujala about engagement with Fahad. Urooj’s parents argue about Sarmad.

Well, the story is based on a good topic but the screenplay is weaker. As a guess, Sarmad will be exposed with evidence, Ujala will try her best to detract Fahad.


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