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Directed by: Amir Yousaf

Screenplay: Umera Ahmed

Written by: Dilshad Naseem

Produced by: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry

Like all her writings, this one is also a masterpiece by none other than Umera Ahmed. It is well observed that in all her publications, a very deep touch of religious matter is given.

In drama serial Ishq Mein Kafir, she has highlighted the issue of black magic which is quite a big issue in our society.

Ujala’s mother is hiding taweez in a pillow. Dua asks Ujala (Saboor Ali) about if she called Fahad (Gohar Mumtaz) to apologize and warns Ujala to stay away from him.

Usually high angle isn’t seen in any drama serial, however, this scene of university with a high angle shot showing few tables and chairs in a café place of the institute and students having lunch or brunch over there. But the point is, the lighting in the scene is different too. Inspiring shot though.

Dua taunts Ujala about her tactics to trap rich boys and both argue. Fahad scolds Dua and goes with Ujala to tell her that both are equal for him.

In the scene when Ujala is laying on bed to sleep and telling her sister about everything happened in university, her makeup and hairstyle was same as that in university. It should have been changed to show that she is going to sleep.

There, Dua is upset over Fahad taking her side.

Gohar’s acting as hero is not up to the expectation as is imagined as the hero or main character of Umera Ahmed’s story. Her story is always so strong that a very solid personality and acting is needed to do justice with the role.

Fahad’s bonding with his niece and sister is really adorable. He confesses his love for Dua and they both get engaged.

Saboor Ali’s acting is giving a little touch of her sister, Sajjal Ali’s talented performance. However, Dua’s acting is much up to the mark and she’s a good emerging talent.

Sarmad’s mother pretending to be Sarmad and talking to his wife.

So the story has taken a very interesting turn. Fahad is engaged to Dua but Ujala is thinking that he is in love with her. She hasn’t come to know about the engagement yet. Besides that, actually Fahad is shown a little more than necessary diplomatic like the way he is making up with Ujala and also with Dua even when he committed that he will not talk to Ujala again.

Just as a guess, now Ujala will also try black magic to trap Fahad and satisfy her ego with revenge from Dua. Let’s see what happens next but this drama does have a lot of high expectations due to Umera Ahmed. She is a writer who writes very close to the society and reality and less fantasies. Also, she has changed the meaning of novels from just romantic and fantasies to now religion, society, rights and such realities. Other writers are focusing on women empowerment, however, she is focusing on ground realities.

Let’s wait for the next episode!



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