Critic Rating

Written by: Dilshad Naseem

Concept and Screenplay: Umera Ahmad

Produced by: Kashif Kabeer and Kamran Chowdhry

Directed by: Aamir Yousuf

Arooj (Sadia Faisal) is married to Sarmad however it is only a paper marriage. Sarmand does not accept Arooj as his wife and this deeply hurts Arooj. Her mother-in-law (Poonam Anwar) consoles her and asks her not to tell anything to her parents.

The following day, on breakfast, Arooj’s family notice how awfully quite Arooj is. Her marriage with Sarmand has only bought her pain.

Meanwhile, Ujala (Saboor Aly) is desperately in love with Fahad (GoherMumtaz). She is willing to go to any extent for attaining the love of her life. She takes the help of black magic. When Aqeela (Saba Faisal) saw Ujala performing amal , she choose to remain quite however the second time when she catches Ujala, she rebukes her harshly.

Ujala seems to believe that everything is fair in love and therefore she is extremely stubborn. She also believes in black magic and chooses black magic over praying. Ujala is portrayed as a selfish and malicious being, she neglects her studies and only cares about winning Fahad over.

Black magic is common in the lower middle classes and therefore the drama has brought a grave issue to limelight that needed to be addressed. It is deeply sad how people give in to something as evil as black magic. DilshadNaseem and Umera Ahmad have brought a good subject into limelight.

We see great production value in certain scenes. The bedroom of Sarmad was decorated simply with flowers only but it looked beautiful. Urooj’s home also looked beautiful with yellow paper flowers. Aamir Yousuf has chosen the location carefully. Sarmad’s bungalow and Ujala’s home are according to the respective class as shown in drama. The bluish lighting and light smoke in the scene of black magic amal by Ujalais shown accurately.

There was no scene of marriage ceremony but Arooj was looking chic in the red bridal dress with the jewelry set of gold and red pearls.

By now, Raza (Waseem Tirmizi) is upset on the news of Maryum’s marriage. Aqeela is a typical mother, wife, and a bhabi. She does not want to marry Raza off to a girl of his choice.

In the end, Dua (Momina Iqbal) has develops misunderstandings with Fahad because Ujala misguides her. Ujala and Arooj both are battling against the odds. Things may get worse for the characters in the future episode.


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