Critic Rating

Directed by:
Amir Yousaf

Written by: Dilshad Naseem

Screenplay: Umera Ahmed

Produced by: Kashif Kabeer & Kamran Chaudhry

Like all episodes, the soundtrack creates a sensational environment before the start of the episode. Ujala (Suboor Ali) comes home crying after all the insult by Fahad’s sister and Dua.

Urooj tells everything about Fahad (Gohar Mumtaz) to mother (Saba Faisal). Ujala requests her mother to take her to the black magician. Dua and Fahad sort their matter out.

Saba Faisal sleeping in all her makeup, jewelry and hairstyle; who sleeps like this?

Ujala’s mother scolds her and warns about her brother’s reaction but she stays on her desire. Ujala visits the black magician.

Though fantasy based, black magician room is horrible enough to create a similar chill through the audience. Again talking about the get up of black magician shown, it’s different enough than other similar projects. Definitely, it attracts the audience.

Another thing to be highlighted is the ‘barbie’ hairstyle of Suboor Ali even in the scenes of her miserable situation where she is begging black magician or even her mother to get Fahad for her.

On Urooj’s Mehandi function, Ujala’s mother insults her aunt Zahra and Maryam further announcing the proposal of Fabia for Raza.

The serial right now is showing the ‘magic of black magic’ and especially for those who instead of just believing, have belief in this. A very important issue has been highlighted in the drama serial too which is cultural parents forcefully marrying their western styled children to their own choice and ruining the lives.

In the coming episode, gradual changes may be seen in Fahad in favor of Ujala and Urooj would see the side effects of forcefully having married to Sarmad.



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