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This episode, starts, as Ujala’s mother Aqeela (Saba Faisal) forbids her from going to the university so that she can help her with the muklawa preparations of her sister Urooj (Sadia Faisal). Meanwhile, Urooj wakes up to find that her husand Sarmad has left for London without informing her. She is shocked to know this from her mother in law (Poonam Anwar) who justifies his son’s actions by saying that Sarmad is angry for now as his male ego was hurt because of the blames that Urooj’s father and brother had put on him. Urooj is deeply hurt and cries bitterly.



Ujala (Saboor Aly) is worried that her taweez are not working properly on Fahad (Goher Mumtaz) after she is informed by her friend that he was spending time with his fiance Dua(Momina Iqbal) at the university. Urooj returns to her parents’ home where her father is angry at Sarmad for not informing them before leaving.  Urooj makes excuses on his behalf. After seeing her mother perform all kinds of amal for her daughter Urooj, Ujala adamantly believes that she will get Fahad by hook or by crook i.e. by performing the dark arts. When Urooj tries to talk some sense into her she gets angry and says that now that Urooj is happily married, it is easier for her to say this.



We are also shown the negative side of Sarmad’s mother who texts Urooj as Sarmad informing her that he has reached London. Urooj is ecstatic on receiving this message. It will be interesting to see how the mother in law’s character unfolds in the future episodes.

Blinded by the power of black magic, Ujala is again seen performing amal   by her mother. She tries to make Ujala understand that the society doesn’t accept such negative practices but to no avail. Ujala is reluctant to give up and threatens her mother that she would suffer if she tries to stop her. When Fahad refuses to talk to Ujala, she again visits the black magician. She commits to her that she would go to any length to get Fahad even if it involves giving up her faith and becoming an infidel. She is ready to succumb to the powers of black magic instead of relying on the miracle of prayers .



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Because of a misunderstanding with Fahad, Dua breaks her engagement with him. He is left shattered. Aqeela is worried about Sarmad’s behavior and tells this to Urooj.

The future doesn’t looks bright for Ujala and her family. Is this all the consequence of her and her mother’s amal and taweez? As they sow so shall they reap. It would be interesting to see what happens in the next week’s episode.


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