A dubious new award show has sprung up from Dubai for honoring the members of Pakistan’s tinseltown. However, with the passage of time, the motives of this Award Show are becoming more and more questionable. The award show, known as Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020 (PISA), has been embroiled in several controversies lately.

Balbulay famed actor Nabeel Zafar has called out PISA for using celebrities for advertising their award show. The actor and comedian was mistreated despite being nominated in the award show.

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While talking to Epk, Nabeel said that a Karachi based PR Company Bodybeat was in talks with him. They told him that he will be travelling on 6th. However, they cut off their communication with the actor on the last day and never gave him the ticket. Nabeel Zafar also highlighted the issue on social media.

He said, “Such a move is an insult to me and many other artists who were contacted and committed to travel. It will also bring a bad name to our industry specially in front of people who have bought tickets to the show. To all the people who are expecting us in Dubai, Let me categorically inform you all that I will not be a part of the show.”

Similarly, prominent actors and well-reputed personalities like Zahid Ahmed, Sami Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hina Dilpazeer, Ali Safina, Naveed Nashad, Nadia Afgan, and Adnan Shah Tipu among so many others who have been nominated in this award show, have also not been given tickets.

It is interesting to note that all 6 actors nominated for Actor in TV comedy Role (Male) have not been given tickets which is surely a bizarre and laughable matter! 

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In an conversation with Epk, director Wajahat Hussain also revealed that the organizers of PISA only contacted through Bodybeat. The PR Company contacted him and asked him to submit his documents for visa. However, after putting the director on hold till the last day, the company simply stopped responding to him.

We also reached out to the PR company Bodybeat’s owner Hassan Rizvi to inquire about the credibility of their client, the organizers of PISA. We questioned Hassan Rizvi about this whole fiasco. Hassan Rizvi said that there were no more seats left on the airline, which is why the actors have not been given tickets.

In stark comparison, the organizers sent a private jet for some of the most popular actresses of our industry. Actresses likes Urwa Hocane, Sonya Hussain, Ushna Shah, Momal Sheikh, Sarah Khan and others have been flown out of the country on a private jet. Interestingly, the organizers only invited females on the jet with the exception of Urwa Hocane’s husband, Farhan Saeed.

Upon being asked, Bodybeat’s Hassan Rizvi claimed that these actresses have dance rehearsals in Dubai, which is why they had to be flown out before others. The very dubious and shady award function also makes one wonder, who is responsible for the well-being of these actresses?

What is also worrisome is that some popular actresses who have not even been nominated were flown out on a private jet on priority while nominated veterans were ignored. This raises a serious question if this is even an award show? Or simply a dance show? One that will capitalize on celebrities and their performances?

This is the same award show which claimed that Pakistan’s A-lister Mahira Khan will be performing at the awards, which appeared to be marketing tactic. The actress herself clarified that she will only be in the attendance of the award show, after which PISA removed their status.

In addition, we saw several shout outs by celebrities for PISA, urging people to buy tickets whereas some of these celebrities will not even be attending this award function as they have not been given tickets.

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Additionally, the jury of this award show is another debatable matter! The jury hardly consists of anyone who has knowledge of films and Tv. Apart from Omair Alavi, a senior journalist of films and Tv and veteran Javed Sheikh, the jury consists of people from other industries and Dubai socialites with no prior knowledge of Tv and Films which disqualifies them as jury members. Even the inclusion of actors is debatable as normally actors who are busy in shoots do not watch all films and dramas.

Perhaps what is most unfortunate is that PISA has also irked their own jury members. Not only did they ignore veteran actors, they also did not give tickets to their jury members! Omair Alavi took a hilarious jab at PISA.

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