Koi Chand Rakh

With the serial reaching its conclusion the teaser of Koi Chand Rakh’s last episode poses a few questions for the audience. The characters have gone through numerous ups and downs,and their lives have changed for the worse. The teaser shows Nishal in full remorse over her fate and she realizes that she is left empty handed, now that Zain no longer supports her. On the other hand we see Rabail is furious and looks determined. In an emotionally and equally authoritative dialogue she informs Zain that she has the right to divorce him if she isn’t happy with him.

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Throughout the serial it has been Rabail who has suffered the most while Zain and Nishal did what they pleased. After making selfish and wrong decisions Nishal reveals her real face to Zain who loved her dearly. However now his feelings have turned into hatred as he cannot forgive her for irrational actions. Will Zain forgive Nishal now that she is sorry for everything she did?

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Will Rabail take the high road and forgive Zain who is clearly ashamed of his treatment towards her? Or will she decide to really divorce him ?

Will the drama unite Umair and Rabail or will Rabail find the strength in her to go about her life without any man?

Will Zain get what he deserves and end up alone?

Based on what Zain and Nishal have done, Rabail should not forgive Zain no matter how sorry he is. He should pay for his deeds and suffer. Nishal on the other hand has already gotten what she deserves, Zain should not reconcile with her either. The drama should show Rabail come out of the entire experience stronger, happier and satisfied.

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Sadly we will have to wait to find out what will really happens. All will be revealed as the last episode airs next Thursday, bringing the fan favorite drama to an epic conclusion! Fans have been invested in this drama by and large. Here is to hoping that the drama ends on the right note leaving fans satisfied with the ending.


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