The drama industry of Pakistan seems to prefer quantity over quality. This is also true for sitcoms being produced nowadays. Creativity has taken a back seat, plots of these comedy/sitcoms are usually very weak. One wonders why writers cannot think of comedy in story lines other than those revolving around family politics. The jokes and humour that are being used in these dramas is crass and full of sexual innuendoes. Jokes about pregnancy also leave a bad taste.

All this hold’s true for ARY’s Bulbulay. The sitcom’s humor revolves only around adult jokes which render it unsuitable for family viewing. Families may find themselves in an awkward situation when watching this sitcom together.

The current lot of Pakistani producers seems indifferent towards sensitivities involved in highlighting social problems in their sitcoms. This ends up in a situation where social ills are presented and reinforced through while making comic sitcoms is that the social ills, instead of being presented as bad are reinforced through humorous situations. The characters of Mehmood and Nabeel, performed by Mehmood Aslam and Nabeel Zafar are often shown falling for other women than their wives, flirting with them. Patriarchy, polygamy, cheating on spouses are already some of the problems in a sensitive manner and have to be shown as wrong. Making comic situations out of them is an attempt at considering them light and enjoyable.

As the characters of sitcom are liked and followed by children so much; they enjoy so much while watching the ridiculous activities of Momo. So now question arises that is it suitable for a children  to watch Bulbulay? As children absorb things while watching so things that they absorb may have immense impact on their thinking that will encourage them to ask unsuitable questions to their elders. In that case it must be rated as Parental Guide and steps must be promoted to throttle such type of content airing on Television.


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