Innocence, purity of heart, honesty and love are the attributes that best define one of the most famous character on television right now. With his marvelous performance and brilliant writing by Faiza Iftikhar, the character of Bhola is the apex of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.

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There are many instances where Bhola stole our hearts. The little things that he does, the way he delivers his dialogue, his body language all speak volumes. Filled with wit, romance, sometimes hate, his innocence is the highlight of his being.

In the latest episode, the director Kashif Nisar has raised the bar of excellence. Bhola’s condition often makes him react in an aggressive manner. Like he did in the recent episode when he hits Noori. Following that he is seen sitting alone in the living room early morning. For the first time there is fear in his eyes, fear of loosing Noori which he shares with his mother.

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He may not be normal but that doesn’t make him any less human. He does have feelings and insecurities which come out in the open in this heart felt exchange.

The scene was without doubt the highlight of the entire episode. Imran Ashraf as well as the director deserve a huge round of applause who perfectly capitalized the acting of Bhola. The late night set up and the back ground music just made us feel real sad for Bhola.

Even though that Bhola has been giving us brilliant performance so far but in this particular scene we saw the brilliance at new levels. We could see Bhola crying as if his heart beat was actually slowing down. We could feel the tension on the face of Bhola.

In this one moment we see sadness, fear and tension all together. The way Imran Ashraf has been carrying Bhola is extremely commendable. At one point we feel sad about Bhola but at the same time we also feel as if Bhola is now on the verge of falling apart.

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