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Inkaar finally served justice with its conclusion and Hajra walks out of the court with her head held high. Even though court punished Rehan, Hajra decides to forgive him after talking to his mother. Shayan’s father also welcomes her with open arms and it is heartening to see that he also had a heart.

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The exchange between Rehan and his mother was the highlight of the episode. The dialogues were profound and deep.It explained why Hajra did what she did. The way Rehan breaks down was satisfying and we finally saw him see the error in his ways. There is always time to repent and it was good to see him repent. Imran Ashraf once again stunned us with his depiction of Rehan Chaudhry.

Yumna Zaidi’s character is an inspiration for all the women out there, a message of love, resilience, and bravery. Sami Khan’s character Shayan is also inspiring, as he stood by Hajra despite everything because he was sincere. He even stood against his own father for truth and justice.

Meanwhile Hajra walked the streets of her neighborhood alongside her proud father as their neighbors congratulated them with warm embrace. Inkaar is certainly a heartening story of power, resilience and justice. The drama also sets an example for fathers to always stand by their daughter’s side like Hafiz sb did for Hajra.

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Inkaar was intelligently written by Zafar Mairaj, the developments in the story kept us engaged and some even kept us on our toes. After Ranjha Ranjah Kardi, Kashif Nisar has hit it out of the park with this one. Inkaar has proven be an engaging story which maintained a great pace, with some intelligent scripting and great dialogues. The drama evokes emotions and carries a very important message, to create social awareness.The drama was certainly something very different from our run of the mill drama and I would highly recommend those who have not seen it to watch it!


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