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Inkaar has proven be an engaging story which maintains a great pace, with some intelligent scripting and great dialogues. The drama evokes emotions and carries a very important message, to create social awareness.

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Rehan Chaudhry continues his charade, making us loathe him even more. We are loving Imran Ashraf’s portrayal of Rehan. He plays the innocent victim so effortlessly on national television. The way the narrative lays the web that continuously entangles Hajra in it is brilliant. First with the court hearing and now with Rehan’s new trick of turning the story around and ruining her reputation in public.

Imran Ashraf In Inkaar

In this episode the exchange between Shayan (Sami Khan) and his father (Noor ul Hasan) was the highlight of the episode. In fact Noor ul Hasan’s character is very interesting and his performance is on par. Sami Khan’s performance during this scene was also impeccable and his dialogue delivery was flawless.

Sami Khan and Noor ul Hasan in Inkaar

Rehan along with her mother have decided to play further below the belt by threatening Hajra. Inkaar establishes another very beautiful character of a father as well in form of Hafiz Sb who is supporting his daughter even when her own mother lashes out on her. It is heartbreaking to see her mother’s reaction, the harsh words she uses and how she turns against her own daughter. Her anger is what will probably stop Hajra from marrying Shayan even though that is the best solution for her right now.

Rehan Sheikh and Yumna Zaidi

The episode ended on a cliff hanger with Hajra conflicted between her mother and her father. Will she go through with her dad’s decision or will she succumb to her mother’s bashing? Only the upcoming episode will tell.

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So far we are loving Inkaar for its narrative, its dialogues, its direction and its performances. Director Kashif Nisar has another good one under his belt after Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. Inkaar depicts the plight of the characters in such a raw and crude way that is heart wrenching but relatable. The story has progressed in a beautiful way and at various occasions we are taken by surprise as well. We look forward to seeing what it has in stores for us in the future.

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