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What is admirable about Inkaar is the story it presents and the the various characters with varying degrees of moral compass. We see good and evil co-existing, while Rehan’s father and step mother are hell bent on saving him at any cost, we see his mother siding with Hajra and showing her regret over how Rehan has turned out under the supervision of his step mother.

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Another inspiring character of the drama is Hajra’s father played by Rehan Sheikh who has stood by his daughter no matter what. He has been her support system enabling her to face the world after everything that happened. It is heartening to see that Shayan is by Hajra’s side and the new way they have conceived to spread awareness is also due to Shayan’s efforts.

The way the story has unfolded, it has been kept closer to reality. Hajra’s plight, Shayan’s love and Rehan’s eccentricity keep us hooked to the drama. There is a certain level of unpredictability that can comes with this drama and that is what we love about the drama. Imran Ashraf’s avatar intrigues us as well as scare us a little. Hajra is inspiring and a great example for women who go through such adversaries in their life.

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The director and writer have done an excellent job with the vision of the drama. The dialogues of the drama are touching and the interaction between characters is engaging. The episodes have maintained a good pace. All the actors need to be applauded as well.

With so many cliche dramas out there it is refreshing to see dramas like Inkaar that have something different to offer and that too with a purpose. The drama is an inspiration for people to speak up against injustice and also educate the importance of consent.

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