The court room session continued and Hajra maintained a brave face. She answered all the questions in court with confidence. Her father though had walked out of the court room, but is still supporting her.

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One thing that was interesting about this episode was how Rehan’s mother has a conscience unlike her husband and his second wife. She wants to save her son but not at the cost of some innocent girl’s honor. She doesn’t like the cheap tactics to character assassinate her. It is interesting to see characters from the same family having a varying range of moral compass. At the same time it is heartening that power, love and cowardice has not clouded everyone’s judgement and she can see things through.

She does however want Hajra to forgive him as at the end of the day she is his mother and wants him safe. The scene in which she goes to see Hajra at her house,was very touching. Their entire exchange showcased the vulnerability of his mother and Hajra’s pain due to all that she has lost.The way Hajra vents was justified and Yumna gave a solid performance. This scene was the best one in the entire episode.

What is concerning is that conspiracies and back door tricks are putting Hajra’s case in jeopardy. Gullu’s death will further worsen the situation as his backing was very strong for Hajra. Though the parlor owner managed to escape safely, only the coming episode will ensure their safety and use in the case.

This episode particularly stood out in terms of its dialogues that were at times heartbreaking but spot on. The dialogues are beautifully written and they were delivered even more beautifully. All actors have performed at par and pulls us in to the narrative. The episode mostly focused on Hajra and Rehan’s family. We didn’t see much of Rehan or Shayan.

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The drama utilizes beautiful sets, especially Hajra’s house is shown to been somewhere in Old Lahore. The architecture and setting of the house is beautiful and sells the demographics being established in the drama. The drama has also maintained a great flow and the story is not being dragged.
Inkaar’s narrative is beautiful with every episode leaving us with food for thought.


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