Inkaar keeps getting better with every passing episode. With Hajra’s case in court, a lot is happening and the narrative keeps getting intense. The revelations during the court sessions are at times unsettling and some are the sort that will help Hajra.

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Rehan’s character is unique and dangerous. No one really knows what goes on in his head. He is extremely unpredictable, however his lawyer and family has managed to tame him into going back on his own statement. Imran Ashraf’s portrayal of Rehan is at par and highly enjoyable.

Imran Ahsraf as Rehan

Shayan on the other hand is helpless and this helplessness is eating him up. Hajra remains adamant on not wanting any relation with him but he cannot let her go. His is not playing any role in the court proceedings but he is seen searching for a way back in Hajra’s life. Sami has essayed the role in an apt manner. He has translated his pain and struggle very well.

This episode belonged to Yumna as Hajra takes the stand. Yumna Zaidi as Hajra has performed so well. Her character has been so well written. She is the perfect depiction of a strong woman, who is standing up for herself. The way she confronts her attacker and gives her statement in court was impressive.

Rehan Sheikh, Yumna Zaidi and Sami Khan

The drama sets an example of a supportive father who is willing to stand shoulder to shoulder and seek justice. The scene in which Hajra tries to convince her father to not go to court is so heartening. His dialogues and words were absolutely beautiful and encouraging.Later on when he walks out of the proceedings it was a little heartbreaking but understandable.

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The drama has been shot beautifully by Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’s director Kashif Nisar. The drama’s narrative has been taken and executed well. This episode ended once again on a cliff hanger. The story has been penned down by Zafar Mairaj who has crafted an excellent tale of love, obsession, insanity and justice. We look forward to seeing how Rehan’s is proven guilty in court and what comes next!


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