Last night’s episode showed the extent of Rehan’s eccentricity. He gives his statement to the police and admits that he attacked Hajra unaware of what he was doing. This scene showed the psychological state of Rehan and his egoistical attitude. Despite all this, he thinks that he can get away with it and Hajra will be his.

Sami Khan, Yumna Zaidi & Imran Ashraf blow us away in Inkaar

Imran Ashraf shined throughout the episode as the story further explored his character. It is very strange what goes on in his head. He not only gives his statement to police ,he also admits it in front of the judge. Luckily he is declared mentally unstable by his lawyer to buy more time.

He continues to delve into his eccentricity scaring those around him as well. He makes his intentions clear about marrying Hajra or else he would kill her to stop her from marrying someone else. While Imran played an innocent abnormal Bhola who had our hearts, Rehan is a darker eccentric personality who is in fact a ticking time bomb. Imran has managed to maintain the variation of portraying both kinds of eccentricities making Inkaar worth a watch.

Tensions between Hajra and Shayan remain,throughout the episode. His love for Hajra is intense and is willing to go the extra mile for her. He has also left the house because of his father. Sami’s portrayal of a sincere and loving fiance is heartening and makes us hope that things work out between them.

Hajra on the other hand is firm on her stance to cut ties with him. Her state of pain and misery cum shock has been translated excellently by Yumna Zaidi. We can see the fear in her eyes along with her determination to get justice.

One character who has our hearts is Rehan Sheikh’s as Hajra’s father. He is shown as a loving and supportive father who is willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with his daughter,as he knows that she was wronged and deserves justice. His character truly is a role model for all fathers out there.

Sami Khan & Yumna Zaidi impress us in Inkaar!

The ending scene was very intense and the build up to Rehan’s response kept us on our toes. The episode ended on a cliff hanger and we look forward to the next episode. The drama had us intrigued from the start and the way the story has developed it is certainly an engaging one. What is left to see is how Rehan’s lawyer will save him after his bold confession.

What did you think of the episode?

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