The dilemma of Bollywood continues as they copy another song from Pakistan. They are always copying songs but there should be a proper channel to do it. They should buy the rights before they do it. Recently Alia Bhatt featured in a song titled “Prada” sung by Doorbeen and Shreya Sharma.

The songs takes off smoothly but only 29 seconds later you would jump out of your chair as the tune is a complete copy of Goray Rang Ka Zamana by Vital Signs. The classical track is easily one of the most loved tracks of the band and is still extremely popular.

Many on social media are claiming that the song was first sung in “Koi Shehri Babu” by Asha Bhosle in 1973’s Loafer but if you listen the tunes closely then you would notice that the song is exact copy of Goray Rang Ka Zmana and not a remix of “Koi Shehri Babu”.

What are your thoughts on this?


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  1. Sumit Soni August 24, 2019

    You guys are really idiot. Thanks for your idiot sense.