Luka Chuppi

The makers of Luka Chuppi deceived Indian Media and claimed that they have cancelled the contract signed with a Pakistani distributor! In light of recent events and heightened tensions between the two countries, the makers of Luka Chuppi are trying to pull off a publicity stunt and they have blatantly lied to gain sympathies.

As reported in several leading Media Publications, Maddock Films founder Dinesh Vijan claimed that he has cancelled Luka Chuppi’s contract with Pakistan’s distributor and would not be releasing his next two films in Pakistan either.

Prominent film critic, Taran Adarsh also tweeted the same.

Epk contacted all distributors who release Bollywood films in Pakistan and found out that Maddlock films have made a false statement to provoke India’s sentiments and gain sympathies. They perhaps hope to boast the business of their films through this shallow tactic. Epk challenges the maker of Luka Chuppi to produce a copy of the contract they claim that they have signed!

That’s not all, Epk has confirmed that they never signed any contract for their other two films either.


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