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Gully Boy has seen a major drop in numbers on Tuesday in Pakistan. Normally numbers see a pick at plexes on Tuesday. A fall tends to come on Monday at most plexes and then Tuesday usually sees a pick but Gully Boy has followed a completely different pattern.

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Film saw its first fall on Monday while its numbers were still decent however the film has fallen almost flat on Tuesday. Prime Minister of Pakistan recently addressed the heightened tensions between between Pakistan and India in an impactful speech which apparently led to a drastic fall in Gully Boy’s numbers at plexes!

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Multiplex concentrated Rawalpindi/Islamabad raked in around 9lacs on Monday which is huge but numbers drastically fell on Tuesday, and dropped under 5lacs . This type of a fall has never been seen before in the circuit on Tuesdays.

The film’s performance has seen a similar drop in the rest of the plexes in Pakistan. It appears, the current situation is hitting the film’s business badly!

The film collected 4.8 crores approx over the Weekend. The fall on Tuesday does not indicate a good trend, and the film’s lifetime run will now be determined by its performance in the coming days.


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