After Mahira Khan, the veteran actor Firdous Jamal is once again under fire for his recent comments on much loved and talented actor Imran Ashraf. Imran has garnered immense popularity after his avatar “Bhola” in Kashif Nisar’s drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. The actor was also previously praised for playing a transgender in Alif Allah Aur Insan.

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Recently in a interview ARY’s Hamare Mehman Firdous Jamal was asked to comment on current stars of the industry he compared them to “showpieces put in display at a store!”

“There is no best performer [in Pakistan]. They are all models, showpieces. They don’t know that acting is something else. It’s like a dummy at a store which people dress up for display.”

Taking advantage of this response, a follow up question was asked, for the sake of getting a specific comment instead of a general observation.The name that popped up was Imran Ashraf’s role as Bhola!

“That role was all pretension, not spontaneous at all… he acted, he didn’t behave.”

While his comment offended many of Imran’s fans The actor decide to take the high road and responded to the matter in the most humble way. He said

“Mr Firdous Jamal is very respectable and brilliant actor. If he did the role of Bhola, he would’ve done it a thousand times better than me. I respect him and his opinion. My humble request to every one, my friends my viewers, I didn’t mind his comments at all and I will try to learn more. Please no harsh comments for him. When our elders say something to us at home it’s not necessary to take offense.”

After his father’s comment, actor Hamza Firodus also took it to social media to praise Imran like he did in Mahira’s case as well:

What are your thoughts on his response?

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  1. israr October 2, 2019

    wonder why male actors looks, looks, beauty, and age are exempt from firdous jamal'srude comment.