Imran Abbas and Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami has irked everyone once again with his tweets praising Modi and encouraging War. The singer who has permanently moved to India and acquired Indian citizenship has long cut ties with Pakistan.

Ironically, Adnan Sami’s father, Arshad Sami Khan has been an airforce pilot in Pakistan. The highly esteemed pilot has been awarded Sitaara-e-Jurrat too.

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Adnan Sami recently tweeted, paying his respects to Modi and saluting the India Army for committing a blatant violation by crossing Pakistan’s border and seeking War.

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His tweets annoyed Paksitanis who called him out for his hypocrisy and reminded him of his time in Pakistan. People also called him out to check his facts.

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In response, the hate mongering Adnan Sami wrote, “Its not about ur egos being given a reality check today; its about eliminating terrorists who u ‘claim’ r also ur enemies! Ur Ostrich mentality is laughable.Btw, ur abuses expose ur reality & therefore d only difference between u & a bucket of shit is the bucket!

Adnan Sami received a well deserved reply from Pakistani actor Imran Abbas. The actor who was obviously very disappointed with Adnan Sami called him out for calling Pakistanis shit while his own parents reside in Pakistan. He talked sense into him by pointing out that he is fanning hatred between two nuclear countries!

He said, “We as artists influence millions and specially people like us who work across borders should influence our fans to think positive and create ripples of peace. It’s an alarm of 4th generation war with massive nuclear mass destruction. Calling someone, like me, who doesn’t encourage war a coward/”someone who is saving his future in Bollywood” is totally insane and disgusting. Let’s pray for humanity and innocent lives in both the countries and stop putting status on social media to aggravate and provoke nations for war. “

Imran Abbas gave a befitting reply and we couldnt agree more!


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