ARY Digital’s Cheekh is an extremely popular drama on air right now. The drama has a huge fan base across the globe. The drama stands out for its beautifully knitted plot and thrilling story telling which keeps you on the edge in every episode. The drama is also being praised for the powerful performances of the star cast.

Cheekh Episode 21 In Review.

Drama is 21 episodes old right now and is getting rave reviews from viewers on social media. One such viewer gave a very funny comment on social media recently. She put forth a hypothetical situation suggesting if Cheekh was a serial of Ekta Kapoor. She said if so than despite 21 episodes viewers wouldn’t have known that Wajih (Bilal Abbas) is the murderer. Secondly, like all the dramas of Ekta, Shayaan (Emmad Irfani) would never have trusted his wife Mannat (Saba Qamar).

Then she said the most funny thing. She said that Nayaab (Ushna Shah) who had died in the first episode and kicked start the whole sequence of justice would have come back to the life by now. Check out her comment below.

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The girl received a phenomenal response to her comment as the comment alone got 1400 up votes and 209 replies. We are sure glad that Cheekh is not a serial of Ekta Kapoor! It is directed by our very own Badar Mehmood and brought to us by Big Bang Entertainment! What a relief!

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