Hareem Farooq is currently promoting her most recent Eid release Heer Maan Ja alongside Ali Rehman Khan. The actor is also the co-producer of the film and has behind films like Janaan and Parchi as well.

“We do not make nonsense comedy”-Hareem Farooq

Hareem is a strong believer in establishing the Pakistani Film Industry. She believes in bringing films frequently instead of making one after every 2-3 years. She is making films purely out of passion and wants to represent Pakistan at an international platform.

” Whether I go to India or anywhere else, if I go to China or Hollywood for that matter , I don’t want to go there just to become a superstar. For me if have to represent Pakistan anywhere it has to be in a very substantial manner. I want to establish our own industry , I want to build it no matter what!”

Hareem believes in creating films to re-introduce the cinema going culture and bring people to cinemas with their families for quality entertainment. She has high hopes for our industry catch her full interview here!

Exclusive:Getting to Know Heer with Hareem Farooq

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