Mahira Khan was Humayun Saeed's choice For Punjab Nahe Jaungi

Punjab Nahi Jaungi is one of the biggest blockbusters of all time for Pakistani cinema. Released two years back on Eid ul Azha, Punjab Nahi Jaungi had become first film in Pakistan to hit PKR 350 million mark. The film had starred Humayun Saeed as Fawad Khagga and Mehwish Hayat as Amal Dastoor whereas it was directed by Nadeem Baig and written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar.

Recently in the podcast here at Epk, Khalil Qamar revealed some interesting facts about the casting of the leading lady of the film. Khalil Qamar said that his first choice for the film was Mehwish Hayat, however Humayun Saeed and Nadeem Baig had some other suggestions in mind for the leading lady as well. The writer futher elaborated and revealed the names of the actresses who were being considered. Super model and actress Iman Aly was an option brought to the table, however he didn’t believe the role was written for her. He revealed that he was strongly against her casting:

 “That character wasn’t meant to be for Iman. She is a very good actress, she can do any other project brilliantly but that role wasn’t meant for Iman. That role was meant for Mehwish Hayat.”

Interesting enough the story didn’t end just here. The Meray Pass Tum Ho writer further revealed that there was another actress who was in fact approached for the role of Amal Dastoor. It was none other than the superstar Mahira Khan. Mr Qamar revealed that they even had three meetings with Mahira Khan for role:

“It was after Iman was no longer under consideration. We conducted three meetings with Mahira Khan. I even agreed to work with Mahira but I told her that Mahira you are not my first choice at all but since these two people want you in the project you should be in it.”

Later on things couldn’t materialize with Mahira Khan and we saw Mehwish Hayat playing the leading lady. She donned the character perfectly. The film got huge appreciation and goes down as one of the biggest hits of all time.

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