Humayun Saeed on Lux Style Award

Ever since the Lux Style Awards nominations were announced, they have been in news. The nomination controversy doesn’t seem to subside. It all started with model Eman Suleman’s rejection of her nomination based on her objection of sharing a nomination with an alleged harasser.

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Many celebrities have been speaking up on the issue and have also withdrawn their nomination. These include Meesha Shafi, Jami, Sketches and even brands like Generation.

Meeshaa Shafi

Lux addressed this issue themselves as well by issuing the following statement:

Lux Style Awards statement

Further some celebrities have also supported the platform and called out the people who had been speaking against it. Humayun Saeed is the latest contributor in the list of supporters. The star reasoned that this platform has been celebrating and acknowledging talent for so many years and that should not be taken away or overshadowed by any nomination issue.

The awards are scheduled for 7 July 2019.

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