The box office king Humayun Saeed is back with director Nadeem Baig for two of his upcoming films. The first film is written by the man behind JPNA movies, Vasay Chaudhry. The cast is said be to be great but no names have been revealed so far as casting is in the works at the moment. Once finalized we will be providing you with more insights on the cast and the script. The film will go into production in April.



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Happy birthday @vasaych! May Allah bless you with health, happiness and wit that never runs out

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Humayun is not only working on the above project but also on another film titled “Loafer”. This film is being made by the team of Punjab nahe jaun ge. After the success of that film we can expect the next project to be a big hit as well.

Loafer is being scripted by Khalil-ul-Rehman. In an conversation with the writer, we asked him regarding his project. He told us, that the movie will be a love story of a couple hailing from Androon Lahore. He didn’t reveal much about the cast expect that we will be seeing Humayun in the lead. He said we can expect a beautiful film that will be based on the differing views of a man and a woman, but only till they fall in love!



Lets hope this trio spill the beans on the final cast soon. We cannot wait for what is next. 2019 is already gearing up for several exciting Pakistani film releases.


Watch Khalil-ul-Rehman’s interview here:


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