Neplex Cinema Rashid Minhas

As per today’s orders of Supreme Court, no commercial business shall be allowed to make use of military lands in the city of Karachi. A meeting was headed by Justice Gulzar Ahmed at the Karachi Registry of the Supreme Court.

Registry of the Supreme Court has prohibited parking on Rashid Minhas Road. Several businesses including restaurants will suffer due to this. Now this also includes the Nuplex Cinema Rashid Minhas which is currently the biggest Cinema of Pakistan in terms of gross boxoffice.

Nueplex Cinema Rashid Minhas is boosting the business of the film industry significantly. Nine screens Nueplex Rashid Minhas is currently the highest grossing cinema of Pakistan. If the activities of this cinema are hampered then it will effect the business of all the films releasing in Pakistan. Resultantly, Pakistan Film Industry will suffer huge losses.


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