Notable Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan recently called out a professor teaching at a known university in Pakistan for bullying his student over his stuttering problem during class.

The professor, according to a tweet by the student’s cousin, Marium Zulfiqar, told him to stay at home if he could not speak properly.

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The professor in question is the head of the Bachelor of Business Administration department in National University Of Modern Languages, Pakistan.

It is not common knowledge that Hirthik Roshan himself struggled with speech disorder throughout his childhood and has helped celebrities like Sameera Reddy overcome their impairment.

Hrithik showed his support through a tweet calling the professor’s judgement irrelevant and stressed on how this problem should not let the person hold back from dreaming big.

He emphasized on how the problem is not the student’s fault and is nothing to be ashamed about. The actor called him out by calling him a ‘brainless monkey’.

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The actor has, various times opened up about his disablement and despite overcoming it, he still practices reading and working on his speech, whenever he gets time.


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