How to Train Your dragon 3

How to Train Your Dragon : The Hidden World has been raking in decent number during its second week as well. The film has been caught in the heavy release flow. Mostly audiences from major cities have shown interest in the film where it has been given very limited number of shows.

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Unlike 3 Bahadur rise of the warriors, the film has not managed to develop much hype. Also this is a children’s movie who can go to watch it only on weekends mostly. So the film hasn’t been able to rake in high numbers during weekdays.

Here is the breakdown of the two weeks box office collection so far:

Week 1 : 43 lacs

Week 2: 30 lacs

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The film is yet to be released in US so we can hope that it picks up some buzz in Pakistan around that time as well. There haven’t been any new release this weekend so it is a great opportunity for the film to do better and attract audiences within the limited number of shows it has.


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